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  • Philly Beer Week 2019 Kickoff!!!
    May 30, 2019 - 12 pm

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! Barcade is pleased to welcome the return of Philly Beer Week May 31st-June 9th, 2019. To kick it off, we’re going to be tapping a few vintage favorites from our collection as well as showcasing some rare and wild beers from some of our favorite breweries! To name a few:

    Allagash Pastiche 20178.5% – Amber Ale aged in 8 different barrels (rye whiskey, vermouth, port, rum, bourbon, red wine, gin, and brandy) and then aged at Barcade for two years

    Avery Fimbulvvinter 16.9% – Belgian style “Quintuple” aged in white rum barrels

    Bell’s “Mango & Habañero” Oberon 6.0% – A wild and spicy take on Bell’s signature spring wheat ale

    Bear Republic Sonoma Tart with Guava & Passionfruit 5.7% – Sour Golden Ale with a mouth-puckering fruity finish

    Founders CBS Imperial Stout 2017 11.7% – Double Stout aged in bourbon barrels which were previously used to age Michigan maple syrup. Aged at Barcade for two years.

    Hair of the Dog Adam10.0% – This rare draft offering is an American interpretation of an Adambier, which was brewed in Germany centuries ago.

    Jolly Pumpkin Gratzer5.2% – This sour ale is Jolly Pumpkin’s take on the traditional Polish style. Na zdrowie!

    Maine “Nitro” Mean Old Tom – 6.5% – American Stout with rich chocolate and caramel flavors, poured from the nitro line

    Ramstein Maibock 7.5% – A refreshing and flavorful take on the traditional German style

    Russian River Sanctification 6.8% – Delicious sour ale from this elusive California brewery

    Sierra Nevada Vintage Bigfoot Ale12.1% – A blend of three years’ worth of batches of Sierra Nevada’s vaunted American Barley Wine, aged in bourbon barrels!

    Victory White Monkey9.5% – Belgian style Tripel aged for 3 months in Chardonnay oak barrels

    … with more to come! All kegs will be tapped at noon on Thursday 5/30!!

  • Allagash Beer Night!!!
    Jun 4, 2019 - 12 pm

    Allagash Beer Night — June 4th, 2019 at Barcade in Philadelphia, PA

    Philly Beer Week is a great chance for beer lovers across the City of Brotherly Love to check out some of the best suds known to man. With that in mind, we are absolutely thrilled to use this opportunity to welcome one of the USA’s most distinguished and beloved craft breweries for a BEER NIGHT at Barcade Philadelphia on Tuesday, June 4th — Allagash Brewing Company!!!

    There will be fun, food, games, prizes, and (of course)… some really great beer! The floodgates have opened and we’re gonna be showcasing some of Allagash’s vaunted year-round portfolio along with some rare stuff you’re unlikely to see again. Tap list below:


    Confluence 20187.5% – Elegant, dry-hopped golden ale fermented with Brettanomyces and Belgian yeast.

    Coolship Red 20186.7% – A blend of spontaneously fermented beer aged on raspberries. Tart and fruit-forward.

    Coolship Resurgam 20186.3% – A blend of spontaneously fermented beer aged on raspberries. Tart and fruit-forward. 6.7% ABV

    Copain3.8% – Foudre-aged, sessionable sour ale brewed with spelt and oats.

    Darling Ruby 4.5% – Grapefuit Grisette: Farmhouse-style ale with grapefruit zest and juice. Tart, fruity, dry.

    Four Winds Road7.5% – A wheat beer aged on fresh peaches. Tartness complements a complex mix of pineapple and citrus.

    Moselle6.0% – A blend of lager and saison. Crisp, balanced, easy to enjoy.

    Pick Your Own6.4% – Sour red ale aged on local raspberries, cherries, strawberries, and blueberries.

    Pictavia9.3% – Honey and caramel notes meet oak. Belgian-style scotch ale aged in scotch barrels, that previously held Port.

    Pilsner with Brett5.6% – Classic pilsner flavor—refreshing, crisp—with a hint of Belgian flair.

    River Trip4.8% – Dry-hopped, Belgian-style session ale. Melon, citrus, and stone fruit notes.

    Saison Gratis7.2% – Open-fermented saison where tartness balances fruit notes, hops, and a dry mouthfeel.

    Shiro’s Delight 2019 10.3% – Mixed-fermentation ale wine barrel-aged on plums and Pluerries. Tart, spicy, and balanced.

    Strictivus5.3% – Wheat beer aged on cherries, raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries. A balance of sour and sweet.

    Trollekelder9.8% – Full-bodied dark wheat ale aged in peated Scotch barrels.

    Victor7.1% – Brewed with locally grown red grapes for a medium-bodied, pale copper-hued ale with a pronounced vinous character, notes of spice, and a tart finish. 7.1% ABV

    Wannigan10.5% – Tropical fruit, vanilla, and whiskey. Tripel aged in barrels that once held port, then scotch.

    White – 5.2% – Belgian-style wheat beer with balanced citrus and spice.


    All 18 kegs will be tapped at noon. See ya there!

  • Three Floyds Beer Night!!!
    Jun 6, 2019 - 12 pm

    3 Floyds Beer Night — Thursday, June 6th at Barcade in Fishtown, Philadelphia.

    Wrapping up Philly Beer Week 2019 with a bang, we are excited to welcome Munster, Indiana’s world-renowned Three Floyds Brewing to the City of Brotherly Love!

    Founded in 1996 by brothers Nick and Simon Floyd, along with their father, Mike, Three Floyds has spent the past two decades pumping out some of the best beer on the planet. Their dedication to “Not Normal” quality and craftsmanship has won them a cult-like following across the globe. And now, for the first time, they’re rolling down I-76 and straight in to Barcade!

    We will have ten draft offerings available on Thursday, June 6th. Including:

    Arctic Panzer Wolf – 9.0% – A massive IPA that will leave your palate its hapless victim

    Foggy Geezer – 6.8% – American IPA brewed in collaboration with WarPigs Brewpub

    Gumballhead – 5.3% – An American wheat ale with a crisp citrus finish

    LazerSnake IPA – 7.0% – A good ol’ fashioned “Indiana Pale Ale” brewed with Bavarian hops

    Lazurite – 7.5% – American IPA brewed in collaboration with WarPigs Brewpub

    Permanent Funeral – 10.5% – Imperial IPA brewed in collaboration with grindcore legends Pig Destroyer

    Robert the Bruce – 6.5% – A full-bodied Scottish ale with a well-rounded, malty profile

    Salmon Pants – 5.3% – American Lager brewed in collaboration with WarPigs Brewpub

    Sauvage Flö – 5.0% – A crushable lager inspired by the fresh style of Minnesota hockey hair

    Zombie Dust – 6.2% – Intensely hopped and gushing “Undead Pale Ale”


    All kegs to be tapped at noon! Don’t miss ’em!!

  • Tetris® 35th Anniversary!
    Jun 8, 2019 - 12 pm

    Barcade Tetris® 35th Anniversary Event Poster — June 8, 2019 at all Barcade locations

    We’re excited to announce an explosive event with Tetris for their 35th anniversary! On Saturday, June 8th, we’ll be celebrating at all eight Barcade locations. Hard Drop by for themed food and drink specials, giveaways, and exclusive merch!

  • More to come!
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