Do I have to be over 21 to come in?

Yes. Everyone must be 21 and over with valid identification.

How much are the games to play?

25¢ per game! Old School!

Do you have pinball machines?

No, We stick to vintage arcade video games exclusively.

You guys have the game on?

We do! All things Philly will be on!

Is there a change machine?

Yes.  There are two on site. They accept anything from a $1 bill to a $20 bill.

Do you have an ATM on site?

Yes we do!

Do you serve food?

Yes we do! See our Food page

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes! They can be purchased on location or online. Gift cards can be used at all Barcade® locations.

Is there a cover charge to get in?

No. Not normally.

Is there live music?

No. But we do play a very eclectic mix of rock music! See what’s playing now!

Are there private rooms we can reserve for a party?

We do not have any private rooms at this location.

Can I reserve a table or tables for my party?

We may be able to reserve a table for your group on Sundays through Thursdays. Contact us for more info. Restrictions apply and subject to availability.

Can I get special pricing for my party?

For groups over 20 we can work out something any day besides Fridays and Saturdays. Contact us for more info.

Can I have an exclusive, private party?

Yes, Sundays through Thursdays may be available. Contact us for more info.

Can I have an exclusive, private party on a Friday or Saturday?

Not usually. But if money is no object, let’s talk! Contact us.

Are there other Barcade locations?

We currently have locations in Brooklyn, New York City, and Jersey City. Please visit barcade.com for more information.

Do you own the name “Barcade”?

Yes, Barcade is a registered federal and international trademark.

Can I license a Barcade franchise?

Barcade is a privately owned company. We do not currently have plans to offer franchise locations.

I have a customer service issue. Why didn’t you respond to me on Twitter (or other social media platform)?

There is a manager on site at all times. Please ask to see the manager with any customer service issues for immediate assistance. Or call us at 215-634-4400 or email us at info@barcadephiladelphia.com. Larger issue than that? Email us at info@barcade.com.

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